Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Cleaning

Today is the day to kick it up a notch and get some Thanksgiving Day cleaning done, well OK, I guess today would have to be the day since it IS Thanksgiving Eve!
Do you know what's crazy? We decided Monday was the day to get a 10X10 Storage Unit emptied into our house! Yep, three days prior to Thanksgiving was the PERFECT day to do this! Tee, He, He
That probably was NOT the best idea! Our dining room has so many boxes in it that you can't even walk in there! The kitchen is trashed with boxes and stuff all over the counter top. The living room is actually very close to being done! Yay!
So, my plan for the day is to finish the kitchen (so I can cook) and make sure the living room, hall and bathroom are clean and neat. Oh and the back entry way needs straightened as well (which is the laundry area, which means I should go ahead and work on some laundry too!) I am rather OCD about a lot of stuff. A neat house is one of them, but with this many people (children) in one house and with us piling our stuff on top of the stuff that was already here, I think I just need to take a chill pill and learn to live with a little sloppiness!
Oh yeah, gotta get some of the food prepared today too or it will never all get prepared for tomorrow! Oh and Don is going just out of town to look for a job then to a totally different part of town to turn some papers in which means I have our three kids all by myself, argh! Sis is going to take Grandma to the store so she can't stay to help. I better get busy...

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