Saturday, November 26, 2011

Myah and Me Matching T-Shirts Review

If you read my post below titled "Twinkies" or if you know me, you will know that I am all about my family matching!
I give my girls a present to open every year on Christmas Eve. Doing this calms down the, "Mom, can we open a present?" "When can we open a present, Mom?" "Mom, is it time yet?" questions! It took my oldest quite awhile to realize the present was ALWAYS new pajamas, it didn't take my middle daughter any amount  of time to realize this! This makes me wonder if maybe Kathleen told Isabella early on that yep, you can open that gift, but all it's going to be is pajamas, so hush! lol
I do this so my Christmas morning photos turn out better because I know the girls have a nice, fresh set of pajamas on!
This year, I looked online and found family matching pj's at a couple of different sites. (This tells me I'm not the only weird one out there!) I went to one of the sites and added the five sets of pj's into my cart just to see what the damage would be... I was NOT prepared for $348!!!
Just when I was getting ready to give up and move on, I ran across I fell in love with what I found! I ordered each of my girls' a tee (the youngest a onesie) that said, "STAR" I ordered my husband and I both a shirt that said, "Keeper of the STARS" These aren't pj's but t-shirts that I am going to pair with matching bottoms and use as pj's and the best thing, I only paid $43.80 for ALL!

I ordered these Tuesday morning, they were in my mailbox today! What great customer service and what great quality these turned out to be! I STRONGLY recommend Myah and Me!

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