Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beech Nut Turkey & Turkey Broth Review

I was so excited when I found out Turkey was now available in a Stage 1 Baby Food! This was not true for my older daughters.
I knew Thanksgiving was quickly approaching which was the reason for my excitement over finding this out! Abbygail would get to share in our Thanksgiving meal!
After popping the jar open and actually attempting to feed this to Abbygail, my biggest excitement now is that I only purchased one jar!
Check this face out:
Whenever she tries a new food, she is really unsure about the first three bites, so I keep trying. I kept trying with this one and kept getting this awful face! I switched it out with Beech Nut Stage 1 Sweet Potatoes and she about licked the jar clean!
I am going to have to give Beech Nut Stage 1 Turkey & Turkey Broth a BIG thumbs down! Although, I am still very excited about it being offered and Abbygail trying Turkey for the first time on Thanksgiving! Thank you, Beech Nut for giving me this memory that will last FOREVER in my heart!

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