Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Can't Sew but Boy Can I Iron!!!

I am a very crafty person, but I cannot sew a straight stitch to save my life. I really don't know what it is, but I think it's a patience thing!
I used to take all pants that needed to be hemmed (which is everything we buy because we are a VERY short family!) to a seamstress. Many, many years later, it hit me how much I was paying just to have pants hemmed! I did some research and found Hem Tape. Man, that stuff is awesome! BUT, what do ya do when it's COLD outside and your daughter has an outside field trip and only a skirt to wear because her pants are way to long and you can't find your hem tape because half your stuff is still in boxes and you don't have time to run to Wal-Mart??? Whew!

You use what you have! I had a choice between the sewing machine just sitting there or an iron and a glue gun! I chose the iron and glue gun! OK, so maybe it won't last forever! BUT, I bet it looks better than it would have if I had attempted to use the sewing machine!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Field Trip to Bellingrath Gardens

I went on a field trip today with Isabella's third grade class. We went to Bellingrath Gardens in Theodore, AL. The gardens were beautiful this time of year!

I was the chaperon for seven girls on this trip. Seven wild eight and nine year old girls and me and a HUGE garden wore me out! I guess it wore Isabella out as well! As soon as we got home, she fell asleep on the couch!

Alex, Julia, Olivia, Isabella, Armani, Cindy & Nattalie

Monday, November 28, 2011

Vegetarians are People Too!!!

It has never crossed my mind to be a vegetarian. I am not a huge meat eater, I am one of those people that can take it or leave it and honestly I'd be happy enough with a vegetable plate every night as long as it included some southern not so healthy cooked vegetables! I try to cook healthy, but being born and raised in the south, I can't live without an occasional fried green tomato or fried okra! Yum!

Being a vegetarian is a decision people take seriously though! My oldest daughter decided about 6 months or so ago to become a vegetarian and has stuck with it! Most people in the family thought she would have switched back to meat by now, but she hasn't! I'm proud of her for sticking up for what she believes in! All I have to say is, "WOW! People can be SO mean!" I mean people actually make fun of her for not wanting to eat meat! Some people even try to force her to eat meat! Really!? I don't understand! I know I have raised a very headstrong almost woman and when she puts her mind to something, she's not going to change it! People leave her alone!!!

The Christmas Elf

My family has an elf that comes to visit us sometime in the middle of the night Thanksgiving night. She does some silly things some nights, Sunday night, she spelled out Ho Ho Ho in the bathroom sink with toothpaste!
Our elf's name is Hopeful Hannah. Our elf is not like The Elf on the Shelf. I hear some stories about The Elf on the Shelf not being able to be touched. Hannah, our elf loves to be touched and hugged! She is a lot prettier than The Elf on the Shelf as well! I don't know what my family did to deserve such an awesome elf, but we have her so we are going to enjoy her!
She brought her friend, Christmas Carol along for my nieces this year! Carol made a mess in their bathroom as well!
 These elves can be a handful at times! (and wasteful too! I guess it's a good thing they only stay until Christmas Eve!)
The first night Hannah and Carol arrived, they brought a bunch of little plastic gifts with them. Just sort of like confetti presents.
 The second night, it looks like the trip to the North Pole was a little much for them because we found them in the dining room pigging out on pretzels! The second night was also when Hannah decided to change clothes, she sort of tore her boats up the first day here, so while she was at the North pole, she changed. She now has a Christmas Bathing Suit on contrary to what some people have thought. I have been asked why she has panties and a bra on. He, He
The third night, they were found in the living room inside Santa mailboxes, I think that was a hint that they would take some letters to Santa.
Tuesday morning, we woke up to find the Elves had made us cereal for breakfast and Hannah had her shirt on from the first night!!
BUT after the milk was poured, we realized Elf had somehow made the milk GREEN! WAIT! Is that a bottle of green food die in the corner of the above picture? IT IS! ELF!?!? 

 Kathleen was the first to get up and eat her cereal this morning!
We can't wait to see what the Elves have in store for us next!!!

Homeade 13th Birthday Party Invitations

My best friend, Jackie is really on a budget this year, but REALLY wanted to throw her daughter a 13th Birthday Party. She came over last night with card stock and an idea of what she wanted to do for her daughter, Katelyn's invitations. I went from there. I got on the computer and started designing. This is what they ended up looking like:

Back View

I think we did REALLY good! We had fun doing them and the only cost to her was the $3.99 she spent on the card stock. I already had plenty of ribbon from making hair bows. 30 invitations for $3.99, what a deal!

Turkey & Noodles Using Thanksgiving Leftovers

Yep, it's that time already. That time where everyone is tired of eating Thanksgiving Day leftovers! All of the yummiest of the yummy is already gone, so time to move on. When we hit this point, I take the turkey bones (we try not to waste anything!) and create something new! I make Turkey and Noodles!

Leftover Turkey Bones
Celery, Chopped
Onion, Chopped
Egg Noodles
Salt & Pepper

Boil the turkey bones in just enough water to cover most but not all of the bones until the remaining meat is falling off. Strain the bones into something where you are reserving the liquid you boiled them in. Put the liquid back in the same pot you used to boil the bones in. Add your uncooked egg noodles, celery and onion to this pot and slow boil while you de-bone the turkey. When the noodles are soft enough, add the turkey back to the pot, add a little salt and pepper and voila, you have a new yummy meal using those same leftovers everyone is now tired of looking at let alone eating!

This is a big hit at my house! I serve with dinner rolls. Last night I also served with some leftover sweet peas and potato salad.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Myah and Me Matching T-Shirts Review

If you read my post below titled "Twinkies" or if you know me, you will know that I am all about my family matching!
I give my girls a present to open every year on Christmas Eve. Doing this calms down the, "Mom, can we open a present?" "When can we open a present, Mom?" "Mom, is it time yet?" questions! It took my oldest quite awhile to realize the present was ALWAYS new pajamas, it didn't take my middle daughter any amount  of time to realize this! This makes me wonder if maybe Kathleen told Isabella early on that yep, you can open that gift, but all it's going to be is pajamas, so hush! lol
I do this so my Christmas morning photos turn out better because I know the girls have a nice, fresh set of pajamas on!
This year, I looked online and found family matching pj's at a couple of different sites. (This tells me I'm not the only weird one out there!) I went to one of the sites and added the five sets of pj's into my cart just to see what the damage would be... I was NOT prepared for $348!!!
Just when I was getting ready to give up and move on, I ran across I fell in love with what I found! I ordered each of my girls' a tee (the youngest a onesie) that said, "STAR" I ordered my husband and I both a shirt that said, "Keeper of the STARS" These aren't pj's but t-shirts that I am going to pair with matching bottoms and use as pj's and the best thing, I only paid $43.80 for ALL!

I ordered these Tuesday morning, they were in my mailbox today! What great customer service and what great quality these turned out to be! I STRONGLY recommend Myah and Me!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway

$5 Starbucks Gift Card

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

LOUISIANA Cajun Butter Injectable Marinade With Injector Review

I have not been selected to do this review, but I used LOUISIANA Cajun Butter Injectable Marinade With Injector for the first time today and discovered I would never cook a turkey without it again! The ease of use and deliciousness made me want to tell the world about my experience with it today. I purchased the kit as an afterthought at Wal-Mart on my way to checkout last weekend. I saw a display and thought, hmm, why not try this!
It was very simple to use. I had a ten pound previously frozen young turkey. I cleaned it and stuck it in a large aluminum pan. I shook the jar of marinade up real good. Put the needle end on the injector which was very simple, it just popped on. I then sucked the juice into the needle and injected the juice into a turkey leg, filled it up again, did the other leg. I put half of a shot into each wing. I then just went crazy with it and started shooting the juice all over inside the turkey until I had just a little bit of juice left in the jar. I poured the little bit left over top of the turkey and rubbed margarine all over the turkey inside and out. The margarine was probably not necessary but something I have always done when baking a bird. Also, I don't think you are supposed to use the entire jar on one turkey but OMGosh! This turkey was the juiciest, tastiest turkey I have ever had in my life! Below is a picture of what was left of the turkey after it was attacked!

The only complaint I have about LOUISIANA Cajun Butter Injectable Marinade With Injector is I LOVE Thanksgiving leftovers! We didn't have enough turkey leftover to even make a sandwich with!

FREE 8 X 10 Collage at Walgreens

I just ordered this Collage FREE from Walgreen's! Today or tomorrow if you place an online order for an 8 X 10 Collage and enter the code: RGIFT2U at checkout. Mark that you will pick it up at the store, you get it completely FREE!


Yep, I am one of those weird moms that like to makes my family wear matching outfits. I pick a color of the day (or multiple colors of the day) and coordinate us all. Today's colors of the day were Heather Grey and Hot Pink. I call us Twinkies when we do this, although Twinkies come in a pair not sets of five!
I almost always take our Christmas Card picture on Thanksgiving Day as well. Nope, Heather Grey and Hot Pink are not so much Christmas pictures, but I bought the girls matching T-Shirts when Abbygail was born and I wanted the kids to get at least one more wear out of them before Abbygail outgrew hers! I LOVE how this year's picture turned out! What do ya'll think?

Beech Nut Turkey & Turkey Broth Review

I was so excited when I found out Turkey was now available in a Stage 1 Baby Food! This was not true for my older daughters.
I knew Thanksgiving was quickly approaching which was the reason for my excitement over finding this out! Abbygail would get to share in our Thanksgiving meal!
After popping the jar open and actually attempting to feed this to Abbygail, my biggest excitement now is that I only purchased one jar!
Check this face out:
Whenever she tries a new food, she is really unsure about the first three bites, so I keep trying. I kept trying with this one and kept getting this awful face! I switched it out with Beech Nut Stage 1 Sweet Potatoes and she about licked the jar clean!
I am going to have to give Beech Nut Stage 1 Turkey & Turkey Broth a BIG thumbs down! Although, I am still very excited about it being offered and Abbygail trying Turkey for the first time on Thanksgiving! Thank you, Beech Nut for giving me this memory that will last FOREVER in my heart!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner was YUMMY!!!
Our Menu:
Cranberry Sauce
Cheese & Spaghetti
Sweet Potato Casserole
Rice & Gravy
Green Bean Casserole
Sweet Peas
Potato Salad
Deviled Eggs
Relish Tray
Thanksgiving Dessert was YUMMY!!!
Our Menu:
Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting
Banana Pudding
Sweet Potato Struesel Pie
Orange Fluff

OMGosh! Everything was amazing! Everything went great, everyone was pleased.
My bestie, Jackie is coming over tomorrow for leftovers. I LOVE Thanksgiving Day leftovers!!!

UGH! Unplanned Coffee Break

OK, soooo almost everything has been prepared, I was just waiting on room in the oven when I reached in to check on something and the oven wasn't so hot inside! I turned it off and it started it's count up at 314 degrees which means it had decided to cool off for some reason! Argh!
Ham is still in oven.
Stuffing needs to go BACK in the oven because it's not done!
I hope the Sweet Potato Casserole is done. I took it out before I realized the oven wasn't cooking right.
Cheese & Spaghetti is in the oven.
Green Bean Casserole is in the oven.
The Ambrosia is ready.
The Orange Fluff is ready.
The only things left to do are to make the sweet peas, rice & gravy, and rolls, but I don't want to do any of those until everything else is close to done!
We WERE going to make a lemon meringue pie, buuut it takes almost 2 hours to make, so that will be a nice dessert NEXT WEEK! Tee, He, He!

Coffee Break II

YAY! The house has gotten hungry so I have LOT'S of help!
My niece, Christi and my middle daughter, Isabella have helped peel eggs for the stuffing, potato salad and deviled eggs. They wanted to eat some too so more eggs have boiled and are cooling now.
The stuffing is in the oven.
The turkey is getting ready to come out of the oven and the ham is waiting to go in. (I discovered I couldn't fit both in at one time! :o( )
The sweet potato casserole is ready to go in the oven.
The spaghetti is cooked and the cheese cut (thanks to Christiann) ready to be assembled as Cheese & Spaghetti. (An old family favorite! MUCH better than Macaroni & Cheese!!!)
The potato salad is almost all the way assembled. (thanks to Don)
The vegetable tray is VERY close to done. (thanks to Christiann and Don)
The relish tray is being assembled now. (thanks to Christiann)
The chocolate cake has been frosted! (thanks to Kathleen)
The banana pudding is done and chilling now. (thanks to Don)
Still a good bit more to do...

Coffee Break

Whew! Coffee Break time! The kids and hubby have been great! They helped me out A LOT on some last minute cleaning! Thanks, guys!!!
Toenails have been painted (I almost ALWAYS wear flip flops!)
Showers have been taken.
We found Kathleen's shirt thanks to Saint Anthony, my sister, Christiann, Kathleen, and my hubby (Don)! It only took about ten minutes to find.
Kids are dressed.
Abbygail's (the youngest) pants are in the washer. (Had an Oppsy!)
The turkey is in the oven.
The ham is ready to go in the oven.
Two gallons of tea are in the fridge chilling.
The garlic Texas Toast is cooked for the stuffing. I found a stuffing recipe that used garlic Texas Toast. I made Potato Soup a couple of weeks ago and served it in bread bowls. I froze the inside of the bowls for today's stuffing. I toasted those this morning, so my stuffing is going to include the Texas Toast, the innards of the bread bowls, a pack of Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix, mushrooms, onions, celery, boiled eggs, butter, cream of chicken soup and chicken broth, plus salt & pepper of coarse! I don't think I have left anything out. I REALLY wanted to put some chicken in there too, but my oldest daughter is a vegetarian. She will let me get away with using cream of chicken soup and broth but no "chewy" meat!
Wow, is that all I've done? OK, better go and get busy again...

Prayer's to Saint Anthony For Life's Lost and Found

Yes, I am Catholic, born and raised! Growing up, my aunt always said a prayer to Saint Anthony when something was lost. Hey, guess what!? Nine times out of ten, that item was found shortly after the prayer! I've done this for years and Saint Anthony quickly became my favorite Saint! Well, this morning, I am searching high and low for a specific shirt I want my oldest daughter to wear today. I love doing the matching thing where the whole family coordinates colors! So here goes...
Saint Anthony, perfect imitator of Jesus, who received from God the special power of restoring lost things, grant that I may find Kathleen's grey oldest sister t-shirt which has been lost. As least restore to me peace and tranquility of mind, the loss of which has afflicted me even more than my material loss.
To this favor I ask another of you: that I may always remain in possession of the true good that is God. Let me rather lose all things than lose God, my supreme good. Let me never suffer the loss of my greatest treasure, eternal life with God. Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I have already made a pot of coffee, folded (and put most of them away!) about 10 loads of clothes (don't you HATE when you get behind on laundry??? I DO!) baked a cake, boiled eggs for deviled eggs and got bread in the oven for some homemade bread crumbs for the stuffing! Oh AND got the paper and glanced threw it a bit! WOW! Wish I got this much done by 7:30 EVERYDAY!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Cleaning

Today is the day to kick it up a notch and get some Thanksgiving Day cleaning done, well OK, I guess today would have to be the day since it IS Thanksgiving Eve!
Do you know what's crazy? We decided Monday was the day to get a 10X10 Storage Unit emptied into our house! Yep, three days prior to Thanksgiving was the PERFECT day to do this! Tee, He, He
That probably was NOT the best idea! Our dining room has so many boxes in it that you can't even walk in there! The kitchen is trashed with boxes and stuff all over the counter top. The living room is actually very close to being done! Yay!
So, my plan for the day is to finish the kitchen (so I can cook) and make sure the living room, hall and bathroom are clean and neat. Oh and the back entry way needs straightened as well (which is the laundry area, which means I should go ahead and work on some laundry too!) I am rather OCD about a lot of stuff. A neat house is one of them, but with this many people (children) in one house and with us piling our stuff on top of the stuff that was already here, I think I just need to take a chill pill and learn to live with a little sloppiness!
Oh yeah, gotta get some of the food prepared today too or it will never all get prepared for tomorrow! Oh and Don is going just out of town to look for a job then to a totally different part of town to turn some papers in which means I have our three kids all by myself, argh! Sis is going to take Grandma to the store so she can't stay to help. I better get busy...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Family

I am trying to become a work at home mom. I have three beautiful daughters aged 16, 8 and 3 months. Yep, that starts to explain how our life is crazy! I have a fantastic husband that puts up with all of us females and believe it or not, is not as crazy as the rest of us! We currently live with one of my sisters and her two daughters aged 5 and 2. Still wondering how hubby is not so crazy? lol-I think he is getting there!

I started this blog mainly for product reviews. I am very opinionated and I want someone to listen to what I have to say! If something is good, the whole world needs to know! Bad? Yep, they need to know that as well! If you have a product that you would like for me to  , my e-mail address is

My main passions are my family first and foremost, couponing/saving money and contests! I LOVE to enter contests! I win fairly often as well! Nothing major, small stuff here and there, I'm still waiting on the HGTV people to come to my door to inform me I won that house! That's really ok though, I jump for joy winning the smallest of the small prizes as well!