Monday, November 28, 2011

The Christmas Elf

My family has an elf that comes to visit us sometime in the middle of the night Thanksgiving night. She does some silly things some nights, Sunday night, she spelled out Ho Ho Ho in the bathroom sink with toothpaste!
Our elf's name is Hopeful Hannah. Our elf is not like The Elf on the Shelf. I hear some stories about The Elf on the Shelf not being able to be touched. Hannah, our elf loves to be touched and hugged! She is a lot prettier than The Elf on the Shelf as well! I don't know what my family did to deserve such an awesome elf, but we have her so we are going to enjoy her!
She brought her friend, Christmas Carol along for my nieces this year! Carol made a mess in their bathroom as well!
 These elves can be a handful at times! (and wasteful too! I guess it's a good thing they only stay until Christmas Eve!)
The first night Hannah and Carol arrived, they brought a bunch of little plastic gifts with them. Just sort of like confetti presents.
 The second night, it looks like the trip to the North Pole was a little much for them because we found them in the dining room pigging out on pretzels! The second night was also when Hannah decided to change clothes, she sort of tore her boats up the first day here, so while she was at the North pole, she changed. She now has a Christmas Bathing Suit on contrary to what some people have thought. I have been asked why she has panties and a bra on. He, He
The third night, they were found in the living room inside Santa mailboxes, I think that was a hint that they would take some letters to Santa.
Tuesday morning, we woke up to find the Elves had made us cereal for breakfast and Hannah had her shirt on from the first night!!
BUT after the milk was poured, we realized Elf had somehow made the milk GREEN! WAIT! Is that a bottle of green food die in the corner of the above picture? IT IS! ELF!?!? 

 Kathleen was the first to get up and eat her cereal this morning!
We can't wait to see what the Elves have in store for us next!!!


  1. lol what a great idea. where do you keep the elf through out the year so the kids don't find it?

  2. What a GREAT!!! idea and so FUN!!!
    heartnsoulcooking at gmail dot com