Giveaways I've Won!

September 14, 2012 Sharpie Prize Pack thanks to: Dad of Divas

September 13, 2012 The Zumbies Walking Thread Single Pack ($2.99 Value) thanks to: Outnumbered 3 to 1
The Zumbies: Walking Thread (Single Pack)
September 13, 2012 $50 VISA Gift Card thanks to a local radio station!

December 14, 2011 The Santa Video ($14.95 Value) thanks to:

December 9, 2011 Two packs of 4-count Energizer Lithium AA or Recharge Batteries Plus Online Movie Rental Code thanks to: mom's favorite stuff
December 8, 2011 Algebrator Software ($74.99 Value) thanks to: You Brew My Tea

December 7, 2011 My Shadow Book and a $10 Starbucks Gift Card ($23 Value) thanks to: Mama Luvs Books 

December 5, 2011 2 Chix Maternity Tee ($38 Value) thanks to: (I'm not putting exact details of this because it's a Christmas present for one of my reader's!)

December 5, 2011 Ring Pops in honor of Strawberry Shortcake's Cherry Jam thanks to: My OKC Mommy

December 1, 2011 Mimijumi Bottle ($13.99 - $14.99 Value depending on which one I get) thanks to: As They Grow Up

 December 1, 2011 Little Me Teas thanks to: Mimi Loves All 8 
December 1, 2011 The Morphology Game ($29.99 Value) thanks to: Kiddies Corner Deals
November 29, 2011 Headline Shirts ($14 - $24 Value) thanks to: Annette at Mimi Loves All 8 (OK, I REALLY want this one for me... but I'll probably let Don decide since it's the time for giving and not receiving!!!)

November 26, 2011 Boddler Bites ($19.99 Value) thanks to: Deal Finder Dad

November 20, 2011 Little Dudes and Divas JJ Cole Hooded Towel; JJ Cole Layette; Fanci Free Wallet; Fanci Free Diaper Holder ($47 Value) thanks to: Mommy's Favorite Things

November 17, 2011 Rock N Learn Multiplication Rap DVD ($19.99 Value) thanks to: Wahm Connect

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  1. Congrats on the giveaways you have won! I've won quite a few recently, and I still get so excited each time! Hope you keep winning!