Thursday, August 23, 2012

Food Shortage

I wouldn't say we exactly have a "food shortage" but our refrigerator and freezer have less in them than ever before! The crazy thing is, we have something to eat at all times! I mean, that may sound like a contradiction, but I am a pretty creative person.

Lunch Today:
I found 5 red potatoes in the refrigerator. Hmmm, I can do something with those! I boiled them in a little water with margarine, garlic powder and onion powder. When they softened, I added the last of our sour cream, a small handful of bacon bits and chopped green onions, a piece of American cheese, salt and pepper. Viola! A VERY yummy restaurant quality loaded baked potato! The baby LOVED it!

Dinner Tonight:
I put a ham bone (from the freezer) in the Crockpot with a bag of pinto beans, 4c water, a chopped onion, garlic powder and onion powder. It smells delish!

I REALLY have to find a ride to the grocery store since my car is still acting up!

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