Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Goals Update

How am I doing so far on my 2012 Goals?

Well, lets see...

  • Spend More Time Alone with Hubby We had a date New Year's Eve afternoon, just the two of us! It was AWESOME! More to come! (I hope!)
  • Make Crafts with Isabella More (She loves crafts almost as much as I do!) We had a craft night New Year's Eve night! It was fun but we arrived home A LOT later than planned, so it was sort of rushed!
  • Visit Jackie More Often (My BFF comes to visit me all of the time, I hardly ever get to her house!) She was my sitter for my New Year's Eve date, so we DID go over there to drop the kids off and pick them up! Does that count?
  • Less Drama!!! I lost most of my extended family in 2011 due to drama. They are gone, the drama is now behind us and I will not worry about them. I vow not to wake up in the middle of the night wondering why they did what they did. I have my close family and that is all I need. Less Drama = Less Stress for my Kids! No drama yet! (Fingers Crossed!) I made  (Ironed On)Abbygail a shirt Monday night that said "I Get My Drama From My Mama" It turned out super cute!!! I will have to post a picture!
  • Take Vitamins EVERYDAY I took one this morning!!! Yay!
  • Learn How to Make Lemon Meringue Pie (Yep, I tried to make on on Christmas and FAILED!) Nope, I haven't learned yet! ( I did make a good Peach Upside Down Cake for New Year's though!)
  • Play Less Internet Games (What a waste of time!) Doggoneit! Ummm, OK, so I am HOOKED on Pogo!
  • Enter More Giveaways! (I won what 14 in just a month!?!? WOW!!!) Truthfully, I haven't entered one in about two weeks or more! (Other than for a Silhouette Cameo machine! I forgot about entering to win that. What an AWESOME machine!!!)
  • Craft More (I LOVE to craft! Maybe I can open an Etsy Shop or something with my crafts!) Yep, I have been working on iron ons! They are turning out GREAT!
  • Finish Making Isabella and Abbygail's Christmas Stockings YES!!! I finished Isabella's!!! (I haven't started Abbygail's yet, but Isabella's is finished!!! (*doing the happy dance*)
  • Downsize I have started!
  • Do SOMETHING About All of This Dang Laundry! (See above, downsize!) I am SO working on this!!! I should be close to as finished as possible with this tomorrow! Well as finished as you can be with laundry!
  • Throw More Stuff Away/Donate/Have a Yard Sale I have four garbage bags (so far) to go to Jackie's house!
  • Coupon More (I am a HUGE couponer already, but occasionally do have to run in the store without them or I can't find the one I need to use so I just don't use it! So, really this should probably say Organize Coupons More Often!) I have started to clean out last year's coupons out of my box!
OK, so I can't say that I have completely accomplished anything yet (except Isabella's stocking!), but I have at least worked on a few of my goals and hey it is only the 5th, right!?!?

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  1. i need to start using Coupon, really like your 2012 goals.