Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Goals for 2012

I am not making New Year's Resolutions this year, I am making New Year's Goals! This is a huge list of things that I want to work on in 2012 or accomplish. I am not going to loose a ton of weight, I already know that, but I will be able to mark at least a few items off of this list as the year goes by!

  • More Family Game Nights (We love these!)
  • Spend More Time Alone with Hubby
  • Make Kathleen Stay Home More (OK, so she will not like this one, but she will leave the nest soon and her sisters (and I) need as much time with her as possible before she does!)
  • Make Crafts with Isabella More (She loves crafts almost as much as I do!)
  • Teach Abbygail to Walk (OK, so this WILL happen whether I put it on this list or not, I would like to know that I will have at least one goal marked off by the end of 2012 though!)
  • Visit Jackie More Often (My BFF comes to visit me all of the time, I hardly ever get to her house!)
  • Less Drama!!! I lost most of my extended family in 2011 due to drama. They are gone, the drama is now behind us and I will not worry about them. I vow not to wake up in the middle of the night wondering why they did what they did. I have my close family and that is all I need. Less Drama = Less Stress for my Kids!
  • Save/Plan a Trip to Walt Disney World and or Universal Studios!
  • Attend Church More Often
  • Ace All of My Classes
  • Blog More/More Giveaways
  • Loose Weight (No, I didn't say a ton of weight, so, yes, I CAN put this on here! I would like to start 2013 off weighing at least a little less than I do now!)
  • Take Vitamins EVERYDAY
  • Walk More/Ride Stationary Bike (I used to ride my bike everyday and burn between 300 to 800 calories per day! Until I got pregnant with Abbygail that is!)
  • Floss More
  • Learn How to Make Lemon Meringue Pie (Yep, I tried to make on on Christmas and FAILED!)
  • Play Less Internet Games (What a waste of time!)
  • Enter More Giveaways! (I won what 14 in just a month!?!? WOW!!!)
  • Craft More (I LOVE to craft! Maybe I can open an Etsy Shop or something with my crafts!)
  • Learn How to Sew (I've tried this before, honestly, it bores the H*ll outta me for some reason!)
  • Learn How to Knit/Crochet
  • Finish Making Isabella and Abbygail's Christmas Stockings
  • Make Abbygail a Baby Book
  • Develop All of These Old Cameras and Film I Have Laying Around
  • Downsize
  • Do SOMETHING About All of This Dang Laundry! (See above, downsize!)
  • Throw More Stuff Away/Donate/Have a Yard Sale
  • Keep a Cleaner House
  • Finish Unpacking
  • Put Up Shelves in Girls Room
  • Help Kathleen Organize Her Room
  • Clean Out Scrapbooking Boxes
  • Find a Good Job (Yep, I have to put that on here!)
  • Look into Honest WAH Jobs
  • Pay off My Truck! (YAY! I have been wanting to do this for years!)
  • Pay off As Many Other Bills as Possible
  • Keep Track of Where Money Actually Goes
  • Coupon More (I am a HUGE couponer already, but occasionally do have to run in the store without them or I can't find the one I need to use so I just don't use it! So, really this should probably say Organize Coupons More Often!)
  • Keep Track of Coupon Savings
  • Keep a Grocery Price List on Hand at All Times (I can stock up more when I find a REALLY good price if I know what that really good price is!)
OK, yes, this is a LONG list, no, I will NOT accomplish it all, but a girl can hope, right?

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