Thursday, December 1, 2011

Leftover Rice & Gravy Makeover

Yep, I'm still trying to use up all of those Thanksgiving leftovers! I think I have almost used or froze them all.

Last night I used up the rest of the rice and gravy by browning a pound of ground beef with some chopped onion and minced garlic. Once the meat was brown, I added the leftover rice which was about 5 cups, the leftover gravy which was about 2 cups, a can of undrained corn, a little Worcestershire sauce, a sprinkling of brown gravy mix and salt and pepper. I served this with dinner rolls. This turned out to be a really good dinner! I actually didn't expect it to turn out as good as it did!

Use up (or freeze) those leftovers! Don't waste them! There are starving people right here in the good ole U S of A and plus you worked hard for the money to buy the food with, didn't you? Don't throw that money in the garbage! Today would be the last OK day in my opinion to use those leftovers!


  1. This is a great idea. I love coming up with new ways to use leftovers. We just finished dinner and this still made me hungry.
    I also enjoyed your review for Country Bob's. Last week was the first time that I added it to my meatloaf. I am like you, and I have used the same recipe for years. It is good stuff.

  2. this recipe sounds yummy I think I'll try it tonight we have some of that stuff as leftovers.