Monday, December 12, 2011

The Christmas Elf Update

Boy, have our Elves been busy! The Wednesday morning after Thanksgiving, they were found on the kitchen counter playing a Memory game and munching on peanuts.

 Thursday morning, they were found on top of the freezer with two Christmas lanterns. The girls must have been good Wednesday to have had a gift brought to them that night! (Somehow Carol ended up with Green Dye on her pants and shoes! She changed clothes, but kept the shoes on! Hannah found a skirt to put on too!)

 Friday morning, they were found back on the kitchen counter in a bowl with snowflakes and large marshmallows that look like snowballs. They must really be missing the North Pole!

Saturday morning, they were sitting at Don's computer looking at a Nice/Naughty list! Guess what! All of the girls names were on the Nice list! YAY! We won't say who ended up on the Naughty list, although, I will say, one of the names was one of our cats!

Sunday morning, they were spinning around from the ceiling fan! Those Elves have so much fun while we are asleep!

Monday morning, they had pulled out all of our baking supplies and had started to mix up some goodies. I guess that was their way of saying we were behind on getting started with our Christmas baking! They had a friend Elf with them as well.



Tuesday morning, they were found on the dining room table playing Scrabble. They spelled out really neat stuff on the Scrabble board such as 'Santa Says Hello' and 'Be Good' and 'Milk' and 'Cookies'

Wednesday morning, they were propped up in the living room with our Christmas movies pulled out.I guess that means it's time to pop a Christmas movie into the DVD player!

 Thursday morning, they brought all of the girls a pair of gloves! What a perfect morning for this, because it was COLD outside!

Friday morning, it was back to just Hannah and Carol, I'm not sure where the friend disappeared to, but the original two Elves were kneeling in front of a Nativity Scene in prayer!

Saturday morning, we found the Elves on the kitchen bar. They had made snow angels out of flour!

Sunday morning, our silly Elves were in the freezer! I would think they would have gotten cold in there, but they ARE from the North Pole and this IS the south where it's not always cold, even in December! Maybe they were missing the cold weather!

 This morning, we found them on the couch reading a Christmas catalog and the Toys R Us ad!

I can't wait to see what Hopeful Hannah and Christmas Carol has in store for us the next 12 mornings until Christmas!!!

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